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Our artist: Sia Antoniou

Sia is the resident tattoo artist at Addinkted7. In 2023 she bought the studio and is both the owner, piercer and tattoo artist.

Sia is from Cyprus and has been working as a guest artist at many amazing tattoo studios in Copenhagen. 

Her signature style is hyper realistic tattoos and mostly works in black and white, but also does color tattoos. 

She had her own studio in Cyprus and had many certificates in tattooing and piecing including a Master tattoo certificate.


“Jeg har fået lavet 3 piercinger hos Sia, meget professionel og behagelig behandling trods min frygt og nervøsitet. Resultatet er jeg er så glad for! Ingen infektioner og behandlingen forgår under rene og sterile forhold."


"I’ve been following Sia from the earlier stages and the progress she made is unbelievable! Love her work so much and I can’t wait to get many more tattoos from her 💚 HIGHLY recommended for any tattoo your heart desires"


“So friendly. Did such a good job! Peaceful music ahaha. Literally love our tattoos so much will deffo come again”

Fully certified

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